How We Build a Nordic Room


How we build a Nordic Room

All of our timber frame cabins are fully insulated to UK Building Regulations Standards, for year-round use meaning not only are they very energy efficient, they truly can be used for almost any purpose (e.g. a garden gym, home/garden office, pool house etc etc).

The Nordic Room is built to the following specification as standard:

  • 5 inch C24 graded timber frame (the highest quality softwood, ideal for load bearing structures)
  • External cladding with spruce tongue & groove timber (in either a ‘D’ shaped or flat profile)
  • 25mm Kingspan (filled with 100mm rock-wool slabs) acting as a cold bridge between the timber frame and the internal cladding
  • 12mm chipboard bracing along with both breathing and damp course membranes
  • Pre-coloured Smartpanel on walls and ceiling
  • The floor is a 2nd generation laminate to a very high standard

Download our Cross section of a Timber Frame Cabin Components to find out more

Upgrade options for external cladding include, Siberian Larch and Western Red Cedar and of course you can change the flooring to our hardwood range if desired. We can change the internal panels to plasterboard and wall paper, or only clad the front in cedar for example, but in any case, Nordic Room is designed to fit your needs!

Certified Scandinavian Components

The Nordic Room components are all sourced from Scandinavia from suppliers that take their wood from sustainably grown forests. As a Scandinavian company we take pride in this!

We produce the timber frames in structurally certified timber. Internal panels and floors come from Swedish leading wood supplier, Siljan. Our A-rated top quality energy windows and doors are designed and produced in Denmark for the residential market and subject to the DVC (Danish Window Certification). The windows are approved under the new statutory 2008 insulation requirements, and come with a 5 year warranty, or 10 years if you buy them factory precoated. They have an excellent U-value.

If you’re interested in your own Nordic Room or want or want to find out more, call now on 01932 343 228 or email where one our team would be happy to help.