Build Service

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We offer a building service by trained teams

Over the years we have become proficient in building with wood and gaining experience in Norway using their techniques to construct in the UK. We build all our own Nordic Rooms and timber frame buildings and all teams are trained to build to our high standards.


During the building stage it is wise to remember that any wiring and service supplies can be hidden under the floor and in ceiling cavities for a clutter free finish. Nordic Wood has worked closely with and can recommend electricians and plumbers that may be local to you.

The Nordic Wood Construction Team Leaders

All Nordic Rooms are built by our specialist build teams that have over 30 years combined experience in building in wood. They are all trained carpenters and specialises in building timber frame structures.


Team 1: Kris, Daryl & Dan

Dan-B&W Johan-B&W 

 Team 2: Dan,  Johan & Thomas (apprentice)


Team 3: John & Liam

We also have a Team 4, and a couple of extra carpenters that work part time when work load is high!