Nursery in Oxfordshire

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Children’s Day Care

The purpose for the new nursery building was to create more space for the older nursery children. This nursery, called Bambini is attached to a Primary school in Oxfordshire.


Tailor Made Solutions

Nordic Wood was contacted by this private nursery with their requirements and tailor made the internal layout to fit with their needs. Small toilets and sinks were installed along with a storage room and small kitchenette. The flooring was divided into two areas, one for wet activities and one for more of a relaxing area.

Built in Timber Frame

All our buildings are made in timber frame with either pine or Siberian larch panelling on the outside. Inside we use our Smartpanel system to create a ready painted environment chosen by the client.  All the wood is from sustainable sources in Scandinavia and the windows are Danish with great thermal qualities. The building is fully insulated to the best Scandinavian standard to make sure we achieve insulation values required by Building Control.

Nursery classroom Nursery Oxford