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Prices by square meter examples

As we specialise in made to measure not one of our Nordic Rooms are the same. Some clients might have the same size room but choose a different window spec, a higher roof line or internal walls. This makes it hard to set a precise price tag!

We have however created a few size examples with a standard door and window pack – for pricing sake. Standard door & window pack contains of one double opening door, two full glass panels and one airing window. Flat roof, 2.5 meters high with Siberian Larch cladding and Smartpanel system inside. See what is included in price: Standard Nordic Room Pack

15-20 m2 Nordic Rooms: £17-20,000
20-25 m2 Nordic Rooms: £20-24,000
25-30 m2 Nordic Rooms: £24-28,000
30-36 m2 Nordic Rooms: £28-32,000

Price includes build and point foundation. Delivery is not included and start from £240. Electrical packs start from £900. Any extra walls, shed, WC etc would have to be added.

 A few floor plan examples: