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In the current climate with increasing numbers of pupils per school the demand for more classrooms are high. At Nordic Wood we have taken this demand seriously and created a not only cost effective, but also environmentally friendly solution that has proven a hit with both pupils and school staff.
We have adapted our Nordic Room, a fully insulated timber frame building, to suit the requirements of a school.
A general rule for a classroom is to have 2sqm per student. This means for a classroom to house 30 pupils it needs to be around 60sqm. But all councils follow a different praxis!

Nursery in West Sussex
Bambini 6

We can design the classroom to fit any specific needs of the school, being it a music room with sound insulation, disabled access with ramps or fulfil its W/C and kitchen requirement.

Please contact us for further information on how we could help your school to add that much needed space.

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Example of floor plan

Floor plan school

Class room in Surrey
Little russett web
Nursery in East Sussex
Russett web
Class room in Cornwall
Class room in Oxford
Bladon web