Why Timber Frame?

timber frame

Why building in timber frame

With 70% of people in the developed world living in a Timber frame home, this construction method is quickly becoming the most popular building technique in the UK. Here at Nordic Wood, we specialise in Timber Frame outbuildings for a variety of purposes – and have put together a guide on all the benefits of building in timber frame:

  • Speed – our specialist carpenters can typically erect a cabin in between 2 – 4 weeks (depending on size and specification of course). We also ensure we deliver the materials to your site in the four key building stages to aid efficiency and avoid cluttering your garden whilst we work.
  • Thermal Performance – All our cabins are fully insulated with an air gap of 25mm, a Tyvek membrane, 100mm Rockwool slabs, and a further 25mm Kingspan. For a full breakdown of our external walls click here.What really sets us apart from the rest is that we also use a membrane in our cabins that acts as a bridge between the cold exterior and warm interior of the cabin. It makes the cabin completely windproof and damp proof, fantastic for year round use.
  • Noise/Sound insulation – The materials we use also provide a secondary function, of keeping noise levels to a minimum! This also extends to the high quality Windows we import from Denmark, which are always made to specification for each garden room. This is a huge advantage for those living in an area of high ambient noise.
  • Longevity & Strength – Timber has proven to be a strong and durable material, and a well-built timber frame building, that’s cared for over time, will last a lifetime. One of the keys to caring for any timber building is to ensure you keep it away from moisture/sitting water. Again Nordic Room use their expertise to ensure the cabins we build remain dry and breathable. We also only ever use C24 grade timber for our timber frames – this is the highest standard softwood available, ideal for load bearing walls. Nordic Wood also talk through your requirements before starting a project so it’s always important to let us know what you intend to use the cabin for – this will help us determine if you’ll require Noggins in specific areas (for example if you plan on hanging a television to the walls).
  • Environmentally Friendly – Just being a renewable resource isn’t really good enough in our eyes – which is why we make sure every plank of timber we source is FSC certified meaning that it’s responsibly sourced.As well as responsible sourcing, because of the excellent thermal performance of the cabin, you won’t be releasing as much CO2 as a result when heating your Garden Room.
  • Flexibility of internal finish – With log cabins (unless you create a timber frame/cladded interior) you will find yourself restricted in how well you can conceal cabling, plumbing and other utilities in your room; whereas in a timber frame structure, when planning your room(s) it’s easy to incorporate these elements into the build

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